Every Client is individual but all need the same result with their projects – a successful one


Over the past 22 years we have worked with numerous and varied Clients in many sectors. A snapshot of recent Clients would include:

Accor Pullman HCD & London LTD Phoenix Hospital Group
Ascot Group
Hackney Community Developments
Precis Holdings Ltd
Bank of Bahrain
Hilton Group
Premier Prisons
Cable & Wireless PLC
Imperial Property Company Ltd
Radisson SAS
Citypark Ltd
Luton Borough Council
Redgate Properties Ltd
Coronation Land
Marriott Hotels International Ltd
Rex Developments Ltd
Crown Dilmun Plc
Max Hotels (Brighton) Ltd
Roehampton Club
Dallow Development Trust
McGrath Group
Shaftesbury Hotels
Distinction homes
Montcalm Holdings Ltd
The Attlee Foundation
Elfcroft Investments
The Roehampton Club
Erinaceous Group Plc
Network Rail
Vienna Group Hotels
Farnborough International Ltd
Niche Hotels
Weymouth hospital ltd
Futurist Developments Ltd
Park Inn

Helios Management Ltd

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